Milano Footwares Now In Nepal

2017-10-12 20:37

Kathmandu, 12th October, 2017 / Action Polymers Pvt. Ltd, a world-class producer of PU footwear using the pioneering Italian technology, is launching its Milano footwear for the first time in Nepali markets. The company which was established in July of 2016 in Bhairahawa with the starting capital of 30 Crore manufactures PU slippers, sandals and shoes for all age group of people. Action Polymers first manufactured Milano slippers and sandals and now it has come out with Milano shoes to cover whole range of footwear necessary for daily activities. Milano footwear features beneficial properties like light weight, health benefits, competitive price, fashionable with comfort, durable and extreme weather condition friendly.

Speaking about the footwear, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, Chairman of Action Polymers stated, “We are very proud to have successfully brought footwear manufactured from world renowned Italian technology here in Nepal. We have a vision to promote international standard footwear with latest fashion blending with Nepali feet. We feel accomplished in coming up with Milano footwear considering all age group and gender.” Speaking about Milano footwear, Mr. Pradeep Agrawal and Mr. Gaurav Agrawal, MD of Action Polymers stated, “We are so happy to have brought Italian technology in Nepali footwear industry. Apart from manufacturing high quality footwear for all age group and gender, we have all kinds of footwear ranging from slippers, sandals and shoes. Considering the fact that footwear industries are one of the major employments generating industry, we hope to minimize the unemployment crisis along with providing high standard shoes with latest fashion trend and demand. Our vision is to promote local footwear industry and emphasize on export rather than import, targeting economical stability in the long term. “

About Action Polymers Pvt Ltd

Action Polymers Pvt Ltd is a world-class producer of PU footwear using the best of the Italian technology and first of its kind in the Nepali market. The common points found in the company are: High quality footwear backed by standard maintaining testing techniques. Since its inception in 2016, APPL has built a reputation for high quality products at competitive price in a very short span of few months. APPL products have expanded into shoes too after slippers and sandals and plans at covering the whole range of footwear needed daily.

Business Activities : R&D, planning, manufacturing and distribution of the footwear.

Main Products :PU slippers, sandals and shoes for all age group of people.

Company mission

APPL’s core use  of best technology in the segment supported by most competitive employees in the field ‘s like development through R&D which helps the need of the time converted into most suitable products and the team looking after distribution ensures that the product reaches its consumers fairly , contributes the Nepali footwear industry grow.

Company vision

APPL ‘s core vision is to raise the level of standard (quality, quantity, price competitive and latest developments of the world blended into Nepali feet) of the Nepalese market in terms of footwear.

To produce all kind of foot ware in daily basis

 Target Market,  APPL aims at delivering its product to all Nepalese (all age, all class and all gender).

Importance of PU segment

The importance listed:

-very light weight, -health benefits, – Competitive price., -very fashionable with comfort, -durable, water proof and extreme weather conditions friendly

At the end.

The importance mentioned as follow by APPL

-Since footwear industry is itself one of the highest employment generating industries, so employment generation one of the major key points

-Raise the level of standard as explain in the company’s vision

-Reduce the import of footwear and gradually enhancing exports resulting in economical stability for the country

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